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National Service Scheme (NSS)

NSS is a community Service programme sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources Development & Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, New Delhi. The motto of the NSS is Not me But you. Objectives of the NSS is development of the personality of student through community service.

The Deptt. of NSS in this institution has been actively working to meet the needs and requirements of students and people from different work of life.

The aim of NSS is to give on extension dimension to the higher education system. The college has two units one is Male and another is Female unit having 50 participants each guided by two programme officers. All the students used to participate in all programmes conducted by NSS from time to time as per Govt. guide lines.

Youth Red Cross Report

Youth, Red Cross is a student wing of Indian Red Cross Society. The Honourable Governor of Odisha is the Chairman, the Minister of Higher Education is the Working Chairman and the Secretary of the Youth Red Cross Society of Odisha. Our College has a unit of the Red Cross of Odisha. All the students of the college are the members of this Society. The Principal of the College is the ex-officio President of the college unit. One Counselor nominated by the Principal from the teaching staff and two students selected by the Principal as members comprise the committee which stream lines its activities.

The motto of Red Cross is to create a balance in society by taking the college to the community and bringing community to the college. The aim of Red Cross is to promote health condition, service to others and fostering of world friendliness.

A Red Ribbon Club has been established in this College with effect from 30.08.2008 and the Red Ribbon Club is a wing of YRC. In each session a team of 20 to 25 +3 students shall be selected as Red Ribbon Club members on the basis of their commitment to social service and ability to communicate to the mass. The selected RRC members shall be trained by the counselor and other technical experts so that they can act as Resource Persons.

Every year the YRC has been striving its level best to do Campus Cleaning Programme. Various Competitions like debate, painting, essay and group discussion on HIV/AIDS related topics and awarded the winners on Annual Day. On the eve of world AIDs day a mass rally on HIV/AIDs awareness was organized. In the presence of counselors of the unit and volunteers an interaction meeting will be held with the slum dwellers where causes, modes of transmission and consequences of HIV/AIDs were explained. A meeting is organized on 01.12 every year in the College Auditorium with reputed doctors from IGH,RGH and HI-Tech Hospital who interacted with the audience regarding causes, modes and transmission and consequences of the deadly disease AIDs. The resource persons addressed to the queries of the audience.

Moreover a Blood Donation Camp was organized in the College Auditorium with the active co-operation of Doctors and Technicians of RGH in which around 50 units of Blood donated by the students every year.

Proctorial Work

From the beginning our college is doing Proctorial work. The main objective of the proctorial work is to develop contact between the teacher and the students in the college. Every student of the college is assigned to a member of the teaching staff as his or her proctor. The proctor is supposed to supervise the students’ study progress, living etc. The student should meet his proctor at least once in every two weeks with his practical, tutorial note book. The proctor will keep the record of students’ progress and regularity in attendance at lectures etc. All application from the students should pass through their Proctors to the Principal.

Progress report containing information regarding the students studies, performance at the college examinations, attendance at lecturers, participation in extra-curricular activities and conduct will be submitted to the Principal and will be forwarded to their guardians with this remarks for their perusal and returned.

Progress reports and reports regarding the undesirable activities on the part of the students may be sent to the guardian time to time for their information and necessary co-operation.

Self Defence Training Programme

The Government of Odisha started Self Defence Training programme for college girl students of Odisha. The Government look serious consideration towards protection of girls, bearing in mind that none like Nirbhaya Rape Case should happen again. As per the G.O. No-19758 dt.31.07.2013 our college embarked upon a Self Defence Training Programme (SDTP) for girl students on 30th July 2013. Near about 3 lakhs girl students of Odisha participate each year by about 300 master trainers. Our College has been organizing the programme successfully since the year 2013.

The Self Defence Training Programme is done during the morning hour. The girl students are divided into several groups each consisting 30 girl students. The training duration is of one hour per day for 14 days. For two groups one trainer is appointed. All the participants get snacks Rs. 10 every day after the completion of one hour training. We are accounted for 15 groups in 2013-14, 14 groups in 2014-15, 18 groups in 2015-16, 16 groups in 2016-17, 14 groups in 2017-18 and 16 groups in 2018-19 who have completed their training successfully. They have been provided with meritorious certificates in end of the programme.

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