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Student Corner > Financial Aids & Assistance

Financial Aids & Assistance

  1. Scholarship and stipends
  2. Free Studentship
  3. Rules for Scholarship
  4. Different Aids
  5. Concessions


  1. National Scholarship: Awarded on the basis of merit at the Annual H.S.C. Exam. The amount of scholarships for a day scholarships Rs.60/- per month and Rs.100/- per month for boarders of +2 classes. It is sponsored by the Govt. of India and administered by the DHE (O). The scholarship is renewable every year subject to good progress. The amount for Degree students is Rs.90/-.
  2. National Loan Scholarship : This scholarship is available to the students of +2 & +3 students if they have secured not less than 50% marks in aggregate in the last final examination and if their parents annual income is not more than Rs.6,000/-. The amount of scholarship is Rs.50/-per month for boarders. This scholarship is renewable every year till the competition of the course subject. to satisfactory progress and good conduct of the students.
  3. Scholarship for children of primary school teachers: Awards to those securing 60% marks in the Annual HSC Exam. at the rate of Rs.50/-per month and Rs.75/-per month to day scholars and boarders respectively of the +2 classes. For Degree students the amount is Rs.75/- for day scholars and Rs.110/for boarders. The awardee must meet the requisite academic standard. Applications shall have to be submitted to the DHE(O) through the college. The scholarship is sponsored by the Govt. of India.
  4. Post-Matric scholarship for S.T./S.C. students: As per a Central Govt. scheme the Tribal and Rural Welfare Dept. of Govt. of Orissa awards a scholarship through the D.S.W. to SC/ST Student only for pursuing post matric studies.
  5. Post Matric Hindi Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to the students of non-Hindi speaking states for post matric Hindi studies. The application forms for this can be obtained form the DHE.
  6. Junior College Merit Scholarship: Based on the result of the HSC Exam. Student of the Higher secondary classes are judged for the award of this scholarship at the rate of Rs.40/- per month for two years. Applications to be submitted to the DHE through the College.
  7. Senior College Scholarship: Considered on the merit of a student at the Higher Secondary Exam. This scholarship is awarded to the rate of Rs.60/per month. The DHE after receiving application through college, shall award this scholarship.
  8. Stipend for Children of Freedom Fighters: An award of Rs.30/p/m is made to the children adopted or step-children of freedom fighters on application in prescribed form alongwith a supporting certificate by the MP/MLA/DM in the approved proforma which can be had from the DHE. Grand children of freedom fighters through predeceased son are also eligible to apply for it.
  9. Stipend for the Physically Handicapped: Blind, Deaf and orthopedically handicapped students in the age group of 1730 years having secured at least 40% marks in the Annual H.S.C. Exam. can avail a stipend sponsored by the social welfare deptt. of an amount variable from time to time.


Free studentship not exceeding 12.5 of the total student’s strength of the College is permissible and is granted to the students every year on merit-cum-poverty basis. Merit being the prime consideration for such an award. Application should be submitted to the Principal for award of free studentship.


  1. All scholarship and aids are granted subject to satisfactory conduct and diligent studies.
  2. Scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if the Progress or conduct of the scholar is not satisfactory.
  3. No person receiving a scholarship shall be permitted to holy any of the scholarship provided wholly or partly by Government, without the specific sanction of the Director. Such Sanction Will be a accorded only for distinguished merit.
  4. Absence without leave for upto 30 days at one time will entail loss of scholarship for twice the period of absence.
  5. Absence without leave for more than 30 days at one time will entail loss of the scholarship.
  6. While receiving the scholarship or any other financial help from the college the students should produce their identity Cards.


A number of aids are made available to the students on monthly basis for a period of nine months from the funds of the Social Service Guild. A few lumpsum aids are also given to students from the SSG funds as assistance towards payment of University Examination fees.

The aid from SSG funds is granted to students during their College career on the condition that the sum so advanced should be refunded to the Guild when these student become well placed in life.


The name of Guild shall be the Rourkela College, Rourkela, Rourkela Junior College, Rourkela Social Services Guild for Degree and plus two classes respectively.


a) To render social service of any description.

b) To grant stipend to the needy and the deserving students of the college for:

  • i) Purchase of books

  • ii) Payment of college fees and

  • iii) Payment of University CHSE Examination Fees


a) Each student of the college shall pay an annual fee Re. 1.00.

b) Members of the college staff may make voluntary annual! contributions.

c) High officials and well-to-do public men may be approached to make donations to the fund.

d) The students getting help from the S.S.G. should give and undertake to refund the sum advanced to them during their college career when they become well settled in life.


a) The Principal as the ex-officio President shall control the fund of the Guild.

b) There shall be an executive committee of the following:

  • i) President - Principal (Ex-officio)

  • ii) Vice-President - Nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff.

  • iii) Secretary- Elected from among the students.

  • iv) Joint Secretary - Elected from arnong the students.

  • v) Representative from the different classes - Elected or nominated by the Principal.

  • vi) One representative from women student - Elected or nominated by the Principal.

The Secretary shall convene the Executive Committee meeting of the Guild. He shall record the proceedings of all meetings. The Joint Secretary shall assist the Secretary in the discharge of his duties and in his absence, perform all his functions. The executive committee will recommended to the Principal every year the name of the poor and the deserving Students who might receive aid from the guild. The principal shall be final authority in the matters relating to the Guild.

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