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College Garden

"A thing of beauty is joy for ever ". Our college garden endorses this saying in all seasons. The college does not have much space for plantation. Yet it boasts of many perennial flowering plantslike hibiscus e tc. In winter the college garden becomes a feast for eyes.marigold, dahlia, petunia and many other seasonal flowers flood the garden with their colour and beauty.teaching members take great interest in planting and watering the plants.students click lot of photos in their mobile .the college garden mostly uses the compost made out of dry leaves and organic manure. Composting of dry leaves started with the insistence of IQAC. from 2019. Students get practical experience on how trees provide shelter and habitat to birds and bees help in propagation of plants in our garden.

College Library

Our college library is the center of gravity of all academic activities of the institution. It is being managed without a regular librarian . More than 35000books adore the library building .it has subscription of 5 newspapers in both the English and Odia languages. One magazine is also subscribed per month. library automation work was completed by 2016.teachers and students avail the library facility on regular basis.it is a great source of knowledge for all the students. Poor students benefit a lot from the library. The library staff are very cordial and cooperative.

Reading Room

Our college has a reading room which is situated adjacent to the college library. Reading room remains under a professor incharge who has given responsibility for all round development of the reading room. Both English and Odia News papers , Magazines, National Journals have been subscribed for the students as well as teacher Community. Strict Silence is observed inside the Reading room. Students are not permitted to take any material out of the reading room. Bags and personal belongings are not allowed inside the Reading room.

Girls’ Common Room

In this Institution there are two common rooms one for the Boys and the other for the Girl students have been provided for where the students may relax. The common rooms are opened during the college hours and are provided with news papers and facilities for indoor games. The Girls Common Room is under the supervision of lecturer nominated by the Principal. Women students’ Common Room is managed by the secretary and the joint secretary elected from among women students. The Girls’ Common Room shall organize various indoor gamrs competitions such as Rangoli, Alpana, Jhoti, Salad making, Flower decoration, Stitching, Cooking, Mehendi Competition etc and also award the winners.

Internet Connectivity

The College has the state–of–the art internet BSNL BHARAT FIBER Connectivity on its campus. Teachers and employees of the institution access internet facility for e-admission, e-scholarship, e-library, on-line class, administrative work, documentation, delivery of educational courses, training programmes etc. It has led to the infrastructure augmentation of the institution. During the COVID – 19 lockdown period, the on-line classes for students were conducted very conveniently using this facility. What is most striking fact is that students from poor families download the relevant and authentic course contents quite free of cost with their cell phones in the college and get their educational needs fulfilled. The internet connectivity, as a whole, makes the teaching- learning process an enjoyable experience for both teachers and students.

College Gym

We have a well equipped college gymnasium with all modern equipment.

Sports and Athletics

The Annual Athletic Meet is normally held every year. Lot of boy and girl students participate in various events like race (100m, 200m 400m and relay), javelin throw, discus throw, high jump, long jump, putting the shot etc. Many of our students have won trophies and prizes in inter college, University, district and state level competitions

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