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Student Corner > Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations



    This Act may be called the Orissa conduct on Examination Act, 1988.


    Every student must register in the college office the address in which he lives and subsequent change of address must be intimated to the Proctor in writing immediately.

  3. When a match is to be played away from Rourkela members of the team and the students who wish to accompany the team must obtain previous leave of absence from the principal.


    (i) Some general instructions to the students.

    • a) Students intending to meet the Principal can do so only between 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

    • b) Students shall not come to the Principal for routine matters like LCL, Mark Sheet, Scholarship, Certificates and Identity Cards etc. They shall contact the office.


    • a) Spitting on the walls, floors, pillars or the doors of the college is strictly prohibited.

    • b) Students are forbidden to loiter in the veranda. When they have no classes to attend, they should remain in the common room and should not stand at the gates.

    • c) Students are warned not to handle bicycles or other vehicles which are not their property.

    • d) Misbehaviour of college students at football, hockey or other matches will be regarded as a breach of college discipline.

    • e) Students are forbidden to leave the hall or room in the midst of the college meetings.

    • f) Students should invariably stand in queue while waiting near the office for depositing their tuition fees or for any other purpose.

    • g) Students are warned not to tamper with the light and fan switches.

    • h) Students should not ordinarily enter the college office.

    • i) Students should into enter into the common room of the teaching staff. They are required to present their view to the peon attached to the staff room and in case he is absent for the time being they should wait. Students can only enter into the staff common room when they are wanted by the teachers and that too not in a group but individually. All their grievances or problems in connection with teaching or other matters should be informed through the attendant of the common room.

    • j) No Club or Society should be started or maintained in the college and no function shall be organised without the approval of the Principal.

  5. Code of Conduct

    Discipline and order in the college is the credit of the students, their image to the outside world. Hence it must be their concern to maintain and help in keeping a disciplined situation.


    Let not any outside evil elements tread the premises of the college.


    No violence, no ugly scenes, no infighting in the college for these destroy discipline and peace and hold you in bad light and May compel principal to take disciplinary measures.


    Don’t commit crime, minor or major and don’t bet committing of crime. Report crimes to the Principal in confidence you will be respected, you will not be exposed.


    Carrying any category of weapons or explosives are strictly prohibited.


    Attendance at public meetings, particularly public meeting that are anathema to Government of the day should be done with prior permission of the Chairman of the Governing body of the college or the Principal (Act 115 of Orissa Edn. Code).


    Conduct inside the College Building.

    Do not

    (a) Scribble, paste, play cards/posters in the college walls, (b) spit on the walls, floor, pillars or doors, (c) throw stones at the glass (d) tamper with the electric fittings and P.H.D. sanitary fittings & if detected you are liable to pay double the price of those articles, (e) show your artistic skills on the walls with chalk or paints, (f) destroy the college property. (Help the administration in identifying the destroyer. Your confidential report will be respected). After proper identification of the destroyer the principal may not take to mass fining of the entire students.


    Conduct inside Principals’ Office /Classroom and College Corridor.

    A. Do not...

    • (a) Make the building untidy

    • (b) ride on your cycles on the - veranda or inside the college building

    • (c) smoke while you are inside the Campus

    • (d) sing, dance or indulge in violent debates in the classroom

    • (e) disturb the arrangement of seats and bring out tables, chairs for you personal use from the class rooms, be late to a class (if you are late seek permission for attendance in the class)


    • (a) Do not enter the Principals office at any time and every time for anything and everything as the Principal has to attend to many problems of administration. Students should meet the Principal for interview in the fixed hours 4.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. The College Union President, Vice-President, Secretary and Joint Secretary can see the Principal anytime. Other association secretaries should consult their respective Vice-President.


    • (a) Do not enter office for every little thing.

    • (b) There will be a box at the office entrance. Deposit your applications for routine matters like the CLC or (other certificate etc. before 3 p.m.

    • (c) Do not invade the office. Come after three days to receive your certificate.


    Know your Common Room, keep it neat and clean. Do not quarrel or be aggressive. Do not run away with Common Room property.


    Any student found involved in the act of mugging is liable for expulsion from the College

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