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Cells & Committee


During the last five years the Cell has been very active to ensure that there is no ragging in the College campus. The students are repeatedly warned not to indulge in any kind of ragging. There have been no complaints of ragging in recent times.

Since this is a co educational College the Cell has to be very active to ensure that there that no such cases are reported. Since the last 5 years there have been no complaints lodged for sexual harassment.

We organized a seminar for anti sexual harassment on 17 December 2019 where Advocate Babita Mohapatra was the Main Speaker. A lot of studnets and staff attended the same.

The work for NAAC accreditation is going on in full swing . We had submitted the SSR in 2016 but they requested us to re submit it with updated data . We plan to submit it soon. The NAAC Committee meets regularly and reviews the progress.

We have not received any funds from UGC recently but we comply to all the Directives of UGC and attend all meetings.

AISHE data is uploaded every year on the portal within the given time slot.

The IQAC of the college is very active since it’s inception. It was formed for the first time on 20. 11. 2014. Since then, it continues to play an instrumental role in upgrading the various activities of the college. The college LIBRARY was automated in 2016.It continues its efforts to make the institution ICT Compliant.

NAAC has revised the accreditation process since 2017. IQAC members .smt. T. Mishra of Economics and Mr. ManoJ Kumar Dalei attended one day workshop on RAF(Revised Accreditation Format) at Sambalpur University on 26.09.2019..Smt. Mishra made a presentation on the same in the college on 30.09. 2019.Smt. Mishra also attended a WORKSHOP at DAMITS, ROURKELA on 30. 11. 2019.

The IQAC and the S.H CELL of the college jointly organised a WORKSHOP on sexual Harassment. Renowned Advocate of Rourkela, Miss BABITA MAHAPATRA conducted the Workshop as the resource person. All staff and 156 students participated. Both boys and girls benefitted hugely from the workshop.

Principal madam Smt. Sujata Pradhan and Smt. T. Mishra attended CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME, organised by HIGHER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, ODISHA, at KIITS, BHUBANESWAR ON 04 .01. 2020.

DLC, SUNDARGARH, visited the college on 07. 01. 2020 and appreciated some of the best practices followed by the college.

The principal and the IQAC Co-ordinator also attended the NAAC READINESS WORKSHOP at Sambalpur University from 21.01.2020 to 22.01.2020. The same was discussed in the staff council on 27.01. 2020.The IQAC and THE PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION of the college organised a PTA meeting. The response was huge. Parent’s feedbacks were collected.

Many proposals for the betterment of the students could not be implemented due to the COVID 19 PANDEMIC. IQAC ensures that the covid 19 Guidelines is followed in the college.

The College Union of Rourkela College, Rourkela remains the soul tribune of students’ opinion inside the college. The aim of the union is to organize discussion on the general, cultural, academic, national and international problems. It organizes debates among the students, invites eminent persons to address the union and render social service in the time of necessity as approved by the Principal and guided by the Advisor of the union. The office bearers like President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary are elected by the bonafide students of the college on a scheduled date under specific electoral guidelines fixed by the Govt. The elected members take oath of their offices on the next day of election and there after they are presumed to hold their offices.

During the last five academic sessions, since 2016-17 the students’ union of the college has been grossly involved in different activities and is committed to the values of mutual respect, co-operation and communication, creativity and innovation, community service and leadership opportunity, academic and intellectual freedom, pursuit of excellence in students’ activities programmes, public accountability, diversity, real life work experiences etc. among the students. In addition, the members, the Advisor and the Associate Advisors have supported the value statements outlined by professional organizations. During these years the union has continued to support and develop our sector-leading student activities programmes and electoral process by working together the produce the best outcome for all members associated. The partnership between college staff and students’ leadership has witnessed all round development of the institution, looking to its future. Eminent personalities from different sectors like Mass Media, Politics, Executives, Judiciary, Business Profession, Industrialists, Administrators, Writers, Actors etc. have been invited in different occasions to deliver and influence the students by the outstanding achievements in life. However, in 2019-20 academic session, the Government of Odisha cancelled annual students’ union election and suggested for nomination of students’ representatives to various bodies in the institutions, as an alternative to election. Since then, for the last two academic sessions the Union has been trying its best to come up to the expectations of the staff, students, parents & public by exercising its dynamic roles from time to time, apt to the welfare of the institution, in collaboration with nominated students’ representatives and staff members in charge of students’ union.

Dr. Ramani Ranjan Panigrahi
(Student's Union Advisor)

The committee looks after the discipline in the college, If any matter is reported to the committee, it holds a meeting and takes steps to solve the issue. The committee members ensure that discipline is maintained in the College Campus.

The Committee regularly receives RTI applications from various people and sends them the requested information within the time limit. All RTI applications are dealt with in time.

The Committee looks after all matters relating to College Land and Building including Construction of new hostels. Whenever required, letters are sent to the appropriate authority. All construction work of the College is monitored by the Committee.

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